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Big Santa Claus on Blue Dog Collar Mini Santa Claus on Green Handmade Dog Collar  Red Christmas Candy Handmade Dog Collar

Mini Fat Penguins Blue Dog Collar   Little Top Hat Snowmen Red Dog Collar  Fat Mini Snowmen Royal Blue Handmade Dog Collar

Metallic Sunflowers Black Dog Collar Metallic Maple Leaves on Red Dog Collar Japanese Maples Handmade Dog Collar

Vibrant Autumn Leaves on Light Blue Handmade Dog Collar  Autumn Leaves and Critters Handmade Dog Collar  Vibrant Autumn Leaves on Cream Handmade Dog Collar


Love Mickey Mouse or Minnie?  We have many new styles to choose from...



We continue to add dozens of new collar designs with more always coming soon:

Watermelon Slices on Red Dog Collar   Bright Watercolor Pansies on White Dog Collar  Tossed Red Strawberries on Pink Dog Collar

Americana Skulls Bandana Dog Collar Mini Canadian Flags Dog Collar  Mini American Flags Red Dog Collar

Black & White Mickey Mouse Twill Dog Collar Famous Cartoon Dog in Disguise Red Collar Stars Wars Storm Troopers Dog Collar

Vibrant Camo with Skulls Flowers Dog Collar  Yellow Vibrant Chili Peppers Dog Collar  Vibrant Fuschia Daisy Hawaiian Dog Collar

Vibrant Line of Daisies Aqua Dog Collar Vibrant Lime Chili Peppers Handmade Dog Collar   Pink & White Daisy on Pink Handmade Dog Collar

Little Dressed Pigs on White Handmade Dog Collar  Cute Turtles on Blue Handmade Dog CollarFierce Sharks Light Blue Dog Collar

Flip Flops, Bikinis & Palm Trees Blue Dog Collar   Vibrant Daisies on Green Handmade Dog Collar Pink on Pink Hibiscus Hawaiian Dog Collar

Little Crabs on Lime Dog CollarVibrant Yellow & Pink Paisley Dog CollarAsian Cherry Blossoms on Light Blue Dog Collar


Vibrant Mini Frogs on White Dog CollarRed Baron Famous Cartoon Dog CollarReal Red Chili Peppers Handmade Dog Collar


 Mini Sunflowers Dog CollarVibrant Monkeys White Dog CollarVibrant Tie-Dye Daisy Dog Collar

Green Turtles on Pink Dog CollarLittle Giraffes on Cream Dog CollarRed & White Posies Dog Collar

Little Lime Ghosts Handmade Dog Collar    ThesT   

New British and Doctor Who themed collars for fellow Whovians:

Union Jack British Flag Collage Dog Collar   Doctor Who Handmade Dog Collar

Doctor Who TARDIS Police Box Dog CollarFlying TARDIS Doctor Who Dog Collar












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