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This is Sam... he is the inspiration for our new cat collar line.   He was a terrified stray who would eat and run when I would put food out.  I thought he was possibly a missing cat from a neighborhood app. For months, I worked to befriend him but as it turns out, he was no one's cat.  The photo is from his early street cat days.  I got him neutered, tested and vaccinated but I definitely wasn't looking for more pets than I already had.  Well, he chose otherwise and is now a snuggly lap cat but his desire to secure and patrol his territory never left him.  As an urban dweller, my other cats are indoor-only but it's never been possible with Sam to my dismay. Every collar that I purchased disappeared in one week.  Dozens of collars, gone.  So, I made my first cat collar... he didn't lose it, but I found the nylon webbing inside too stiff for my liking... so I tried other options.  We landed on a combination of soft internal webbing and fabric with safety/breakaway buckles.  Invisible thread was also tested for durability because for some items, colored thread marred the designs.  It's been a year of him testing the products now, inside and outside, climbing trees and fences, and he has yet to lose one.  It's my pleasure to share these collars now with my customers...  we are adding new collars as time allows.


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